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Over the past 70 years, Credibility, Service & Innovation is our consistent philosophy.
Honesty: Striving to provide customers with perfect paper based on the quality policy of Customer Orientation to meet customers’ satisfaction.
Service: Always cater to customers’ diversified needs is our critical competitive ability. Innovation: Always try to keep up with the technological development and meet customers’ evolving needs, making continual efforts to improve the performance of the paper, such as wood fiber, mineral, man-made fiber and etc, we are making paper with specific functions to meet customers’ diversified requirement.

1 For Industrial use:including the WareWell®Paper that used in the melamine ware, urea ware, bamboo dish and the FlexWrap®Paper that used for insulation of cable wrapping paper.
2 For filter use: including the AcFilter®Paper that used in the activated carbon filter and mask as well as the Kevlar fiber paper used in dehumidifyer for the rotary moisture remover.
3 For chemical and industrial tape use: including the ClariFilter®Paper used to filter the edible oil and the T-Lace®Paper has excellent transparency and used as a medium for two side adhesive tape.
4 For medical use: including the Porous®Paper that used for surgical tape and the AntiVB®Paper that used for the mouth cover applicable to the flu and medical application.
5 For daily and decorative use: including the paper for hair curling, the packing paper and creping paper for artificial flower making, the facial paper for face cleaning.
6 For traditional Chinese cultural activity use: including the China paper that used for Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese painting as well as the paper used for Chinese lantern making in the Lantern Celebration.
7 For special packing use: including the HotPore®Paper that used as the porosity package applicable to the package of tea and coffee as well as the currency band for currency banding.
8 Innovative R & D products:There are newly developed many series CopyAnti®Paper for security and the paper for artistic application.

Now we have many customers throughout Taiwan, Thailand, South-east Asian countries and countries in Europe, America and Australia. Under the professional management, we continue to improve the quality of the paper, participate in the international fair to obtain more market share, owing to our hard efforts, now our paper has received favorable comments from customers around the world.

Research and innovation is the base for the sustainable management of a company. Our emphasis is development of customer partnerships so that we can work together to generate creative solution to today’s demanding market ; meanwhile, our general manager set up the R&D team to weed through the old and bring forth the new so as to develop more paper with diversified function and meet customers’ demands. currently we conduct the research and innovation towards the following four aspects: Materials research, Online research, Customer research and Joint research. The material research change some concept for pulp source and develop the Rockfil, Aramid fiber, Microglass fiber, Rayon fiber, Activated carbon fiber and Synthetic fiber that used for new functional paper. And the online research strengthens the competitive advantages of the company, from the quality, processing, extremely fine craftsmanship, waste minimization to the resource regeneration, each step shows the innovation ability of the company and also earns customers’ wildly trust and support.

We are convinced that quality is the best service, especially the stability of the quality; passing the international quality certification is only a form for the quality approval, it is more important for us to carry out the processing under the strict operation standard and supervise the NDC and CCD as well as the inspection on the whole processing and the finished products to guarantee customers with quality products. Employees’ progressing is the motivity of the company’s growth, training is the foundation for competitiveness improvement; we are confident that “Quality begin on education,end on education”, so we actively hold on-job-training for employees to enhance their quality knowledge and operation ability to practically carry out the quality policy and business philosophy. Besides, we believe that quick and correct delivery is the best service warranty, from the customer confirmation, design, R&D, sample making to the mass production; we can provide customers with best and most effective service and we are confident of providing you with satisfaction service.

In 1945, Mr. You Hsien-Pang established the Shin Kwang Hwa Hand Papermaking Factory in Pu Li Town, Nan Tou County, Taiwan. At the early stage the company specialized in the handmade paper manufacturing.
In 1964, The company purchased a set of papermaking machine.
In 1979, the company introduced another set of papermaking machine.
In 1990, Shin Kwang Hwa Paper MFG.. Co., Ltd (Thailand) was established.
In 1991, won the honor of excellent factory for waste minimization.
In 1992, won the natioal award of excellent factory for pollution control.
In 1995, the 2nd planthouse in Thailand was set-up for production.
In 1999, got ISO 9002 Certificate.
In 2000, Mr. You Tai-Cheng took over the President of the company. Mr. Chen Jung-San promote to General Manager.
In 2002, got the ISO9001 International Quality Certification.
In 2004, Noise prevention construction was complete.
In 2009, ISO 9001:2008 Certification granted.
In 2010, ERP system was installed and fully utilized in each production line.
In 2012, Redesigned and refurbished warehouse.
In 2013, Installed Sludge Dewatering machine.
In 2016, We celebrated company’s 70th anniversary.
In 2017, ISO 9001:2015 Certification granted.
With the hi-tech development in the 21st century, we conduct the company operation from tradition to modern and from technology to art, protecting the earth, taking care of customers’ requirement, making green products and building up safety manufacturing environment is our utmost goal; therefore, getting the ISO14000 and ISO18000 are the prior goal for us to realize. We are always your partners; your requirement is the motivity for us to bring forth more new products. Let’s create a brilliant future together!


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